First Day of School


 Today was the first day of school here in San Antonio. This reminds me of my first day of Kindergarten, which feels like ages ago!
  I had the coolest backpack! It had an area on one pocket that came with markers that you could color! I thought that was so awesome!
  My mother walked me to the top of the hill in my neighborhood, which was the bus stop. I grew up in a rural type area and you could hear the bus coming from a ways away. When I heard the roar of the engine I got butterflies in my stomach and looked nervously at that big yellow tank heading towards us. I still remember the bus number, 97.
  When the driver opened the door I remember wondering how that lever made the door open. My mom took a picture of me standing a the top of the bus steps and stood back to watch her youngest child venture towards the beginning of her education.
  I was so nervous the entire ride to school. I wanted to go but I didn’t.  At the time, it felt to me that this marked the true end of my childhood. In my mind, from this day on I was a grown up, backpack and all, with a schedule to keep and work to do. (I still miss those simplistic days).
 My first day went well and I loved the chocolate milk they served. I didn’t even mind that my classroom was in what felt like a dungeon, it was partially underground so it was dark in there when all of the lights weren’t on.
  I don’t really remember exactly what we did the first day but I remember sitting in the bus on the way home. As the bus reached the bottom of the drop off hill my mother appeared from behind the trees, standing at the top of the hill, there to greet me. All in all, I had a good first day of kindergarten!

 How was your child’s first day? My daughter isn’t of school age just yet so parents, what about schools have changed since you’ve been a student? I’d love to hear about it!


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