Cheese Danishes Completely from Scratch (Of Course!)

This is by far the greatest recipe for cheese Danish on the Internet! Everyone roll up your sleeves and create a slice of heaven 🙂

scone and kettle

Good afternoon! While casting about for ideas for this week’s post (I say as though I consistently post each and every week…), my wonderful husband recommended doing something with a laminated dough. Since this is something I haven’t touched since that one day in culinary school, I thought that this was a marvelous idea! While puff pastry is a laminated dough and I could have made croissants, I prefer the sweeter, richer Danish.

I started out this post by stopping by a nearby bakery and picking up some of their danishes, partly because I wanted to see how theirs looked and tasted, mostly just because I wanted a danish. It was delicious with a moderately dense dough and sweet cheese filling, but I think, as you’ll see, mine came out somewhat different in texture, so I don’t think we’re working with quite the same dough.

The recipe I used for…

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