Book Reviews

The Lost Prince The Huffs

September 18, 2013

The Huffs: The Lost Prince

Written and Illustrated by: Su Ann Lew The Huffs The Lost Prince

Your new best friends await you!

Wonderful, bright and fun illustrations bring to life this story about friendship and helping others in need.

Follow the rainbow and discover the world of Tuff, Puff and Huff, three friends who embark on a journey where they discover new surprises with every twist and turn.

A normal day of fun and games in the beautiful mushroom field turns to a quest when Tuff the orange raccoon discovers a mysterious golden egg while searching for crystals.

Children will have a blast helping Tuff Puff and Huff find their way through the woods with the interactive maze and cheer with delight as the 3 best friends find their way to the Shady Forest.

Children will learn a wonderful lesson about kindness, and that going out of the way to help others will always bring joy to yourself and others.

Recommended for ages 3 to 7 years old.

Bosley_Builds_A_Tree_House - Spanish-1-1

December 13, 2013

Bosley Builds a Tree House:  A Dual-Language Book in Spanish and English (Adventures of Bosley Bear) (Volume 4)

Author: Tim Johnson

Illustrator: Ozzy Esha Builds A Tree House

This is the first multi-language book I have read that is meant for children and I must say I am impressed! Not only is the layout very clean and easy to read and follow, the illustrations are beautiful and vibrant. This book would
certainly keep any child engaged and eager to learn. I especially liked how
items in the illustrations were labeled in Spanish, which makes the book even more interactive and easier than ever for a child to memorize new words in a new language. The layout of the text is great. One side is of the page is English and the other side is Spanish which makes following along very easy. The highlighted words are great! It’s also a lovely story about friendship and how teamwork can produce excellent results if everyone works together. It’s just an all around great book for any child that is learning a new language. To parents! It’s a must buy!

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